Baroody Global Enterprise (BGE) is a multi-national company that specializes in safe mining practices, and the environmental care and clean-up of past and present mining ventures that have produced and continue to produce high levels of acid toxins in Lao PDR (Laos).  At present we are mostly focused on, but not limited to the country of Lao PDR.

​​Any mining done by us has the environment as a first 
consideration. Our licenses allow for environmental management, as well as clean and safe exploration and extraction, for minerals including, but not limited to gold, silver, copper, galena, precious and semi-precious colored gemstones, and different varieties of quartz.

​​The major areas in which we are operating, and the various sites we are starting to clean up are in the ancient province of Xieng Khouang.  It is an area which is rich in Lao traditions and friendly people.  It is also a 6,000 year old world heritage site housing the famous Plain Of Jars. We are being invited to help clean up other abused areas in surrounding provinces such as the Special Zone and in other countries 
closeby who have suffered mining violations which have negatively impacted the local people and livestock living there.

Other important aspects that we will be addressing are concerned with natural human health and fall into the category known worldwide as holistic health.  We want to improve the health standard of all people in our areas by education and in the long run by training others to help the populace through the various methods that Dr. Baroody has developed and has been teaching for many years.  Just as it is better for the soil in environmental clean up operations to be alkalized, the same principle applies for human health.​​