EnviraCarbon companies (BGE is the Pacific division Authorized Dealer for The EnviraCarbon Companies) -- We specialize in renewable, non-polluting biofuels for power plants, mercury capture and mining cleanup. Our reactors are by far the most advanced technologically in the world, and the most cost effective for producing semi-activated carbon (char), fully-activated carbon and our world famous EnviraCarbon biofuel, which is to date the only true green alternative, renewable, energy source which is cost effective. In the next period of time, we will be developing and, selling our semi-activated carbon for all Asian mine waste absorption situations. We are striving to be the leader and set the standard for this in quantity, quality, and price.   World demand far exceeds total product output. As far as we can tell to date, Asian sources are not as reliable to get the job done. We hope to augment that market to make Asian mining waste absorption the best in the world for all of Southeast Asia.
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